Select Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program Benefit


In every case, Jaguar has been number one in attention to detail. Within those details, Jaguar has created a comprehensive Select Certified PreOwned program that covers both luxury and performance. Being one of the first luxury car companies ever to offer certification, Jaguar is historically recognized for its attention to excellence.


Select Certification

Cherry Hill Jaguar Select CertifiedWhat makes a Jaguar Select Certified? First, we only pick from the top five model years, and then carefully choose the cars that have an impeccable maintenance record. Remember, these cars are hand selected and not some computer printout from a data bank. The entire model line carefully evaluated and made available under Select Certified, the striking XF luxury sports sedan, the sophisticated XJ premium luxury sedan, and the renowned XK coupe and convertible.


Cherry Hill Jaguar Select CertifiedThe Jaguar Select Certified Limited Warranty offers 6-year/100,000-mile coverage without deductibles.
* Select Certified warranty coverage and roadside assistance start at the conclusion of the Jaguar New-Vehicle Limited Warranty, so you have continuous coverage.
In addition, the Jaguar Select Certified Limited Warranty stays with the vehicle even if it is sold, so the second owner can enjoy the same benefits.

* See your local authorized Jaguar dealer for complete terms and conditions of the limited warranty and service coverage.

Inspection Process

Cherry Hill Jaguar Select CertifiedThe Select Certified inspection process incorporates one of the most demanding processes known in the auto industry. With award winning stringent standards for mechanical and cosmetic conditions, Jaguar leaves nothing behind. Once complete, one of the most detailed vehicle history reports comes standard with every Select Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar.

Coverage Away From Home

Cherry Hill Jaguar Select CertifiedWith the Select Certified Program, you're premium care covers you anywhere you go. It's as if you have your own personal mechanic ready and on-call if any emergency should arise. Should you miss that last gas station on the highway, get a flat on some obscure road, or hit the local coffee shop before work and lock your keys in the car, the Jaguar Assistance Center will dispatch service personnel so you can continue on your way.

Cherry Hill classic jaguar selection process

Rigorous Evaluation

After being selected, and a Select Certified Jaguar vehicle undergoes a rigorous evaluation process. Every selected car must qualify the demanding analysis in areas such as aesthetics, performance, dependability and driving refinement, meeting very minimal tolerances. As always, a vehicle history report accompanies every Select Certified Jaguar.

From Engine Performance to Vanity Mirror Lights

The certification and inspection points include categories for Vehicle Exterior, Luggage Area, Engine, Vehicle Interior, Electrical Systems, Heating/Air Conditioning, Undercarriage/Drivetrain and, finally, a Road Test. The candidate Jaguar car can become a Select Certified vehicle only if it passes every one of these checkpoints.

150-Point Inspection Checklist For more information, download the Inspection Checklist.