E-Pace the True Meaning of Sport SUV

When it comes to sport styling and agile vehicle design, Jaguar has always delivered exciting vehicles that capture our eyes and our hearts. The story is no different with the newest vehicle coming to the Jaguar lineup, the E-Pace. Lovingly referred to as "the cub" of the family by designer Ian Callum, the E-Pace breathes fresh life into the sport crossover emulating the iconic F-Type.

F-Type Design

The E-Pace takes design cues from the F-Type sports car and creates a feeling all its own. The moment you get in the driver's seat you will know that you are in more than a functional SUV, you're in an exciting vehicle ready to take the road. Large headlights and wheels pay tribute to the disproportionate eyes and paws of a Jaguar, giving the E-Pace an aggressive yet refined look. Strong form and lines add to the sporting design of the SUV and give you an encapsulated feel like you would in a sports car.

We can't wait for the E-Pace to make its way to our showroom. Until then, learn more about the E-Pace design below.

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