Jaguar InControl Technology

When it comes to owning a Jaguar it's much more than just a vehicle, it is a connected device that enhances your driving experience at every turn. The integrated InConnect technology gives your Jaguar the ability to take control of your journeys every day.

What is InControl?

  • InControl Connectivity; enables live data and multimedia to be dispersed throughout the vehicle, giving you and your passengers an enjoyable ride.
  • Connected Navigation; combined with InControl Touch Pro gives you a range of additional services that further enrich your infotainment capabilities.
  • InControl Wi-Fi; gives you and your passengers access to the internet, giving you the ability to connect up to eight wireless devices simultaneously, you will never miss a beat with the outside world.
  • InControl Apps; allows vehicle-optimized apps on your phone to be controlled through the Jaguar touch screen, giving you access to your contacts, calendar, and music player. There are also many other third-party apps for a variety of services.

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