4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Jaguar for Summer Adventures

As we continue fast-tracking our way toward summer here in the Cherry Hill region, we encourage you to take a few moments to consider how the expected heat of the season could affect your Jaguar vehicle. Whether you journey throughout the Cherry Hill, Mount Laurel, Woodbury, Burlington, and Moorestown region or beyond this summer, it is always a great idea to keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended service and maintenance schedule for your Jaguar vehicle. You can extend the use and integrity of your car by making a seasonal service appointment at our Jaguar Service Center, and at the very least, look into the following areas to ensure a safer excursion this summer:

  1. Check your A/C system and air filters for optimal performance. It almost goes without saying, but your Jaguar can help keep you cool with a fresh filter or air conditioning service. While you’re here, also have your fuel filter inspected to ensure your engine is running in top condition before your summer road trip adventures.
  2. Replace your windshield wipers. Flowers are blooming, everything is dowsed in pollen, and thunderstorms are a frequent reminder of the severe temperature fluctuations. Improve your visibility on sunny and cloudy days by repairing or replacing your windshield wipers at regular intervals.
  3. Keep an eye on your Jaguar car’s tire pressure. The warmer weather of summer can increase the pressure in your tires. Monitor your pressure to maintain the proper tire inflation year-round, and especially before embarking on a road trip.
  4. Pack a survival kit in your car’s trunk. Keep some bottled water, jumper cables, first-aid kit, flashlight, and additional external battery chargers for your mobile devices in the trunk to prepare for any unfortunate accidents or delays.

We know there are many other seasonal services that could be added to this list, and we invite you to share your favorite summer car maintenance tips with us! Schedule your Jaguar service appointment at Cherry Hill Jaguar today to prepare your car for the summer heat. While you’re here, explore our Jaguar service specials to find additional money-saving offers on your upcoming seasonal maintenance!

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